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Log checks mode

When creating a new monitor, you'll be able to optionally set a Log checks mode on the monitor.

Log checks mode allows you to retain different Uptime check log data that's shown with the monitor's Recent uptime checks section allowing for easier debugging of monitors that might be down. This doesn't affect the notifications you'll receive.

How log checks mode helps

Typically, when your monitor is working normally and then suddenly stops working you'll want to quickly figure out why it initially went down in the first place, if your monitor is set to check frequently (e.g: every minute), then you'll just be logging information that isn't the initial cause of the down monitor.

By adjusting the monitor's log check mode you can improve the performance of your monitor and debug more easily.


Take a look at our different modes and the best uses:

Just a note: these modes have no impact on the notifications that you'll receive, they're just for what's shown in "Recent uptime checks" and are typically used for debugging purposes.

AutomaticBalances storing of both up and down events based on previous monitor's status
Only down eventsOnly store down events to preview
Only up eventsOnly store up events to preview
All eventsStore both up and down events at each monitor check
NoneDon't retain any logs to view

We recommend for most monitors to choose Automatic which balances storing of events based on the previous monitor's status.

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