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We'll monitor your website and domain so that you don't have to, receive
instant downtime and expiration alerts on time, every time.

Pro features for our Pro users.

Custom HTTP statuses

If you need to set custom HTTP status codes for website down detection, we've got this!

SMS alerts

Get notified through SMS on upcoming expiring domains and SSLs directly to your phone.

DNS monitoring

Automate the checking of your DNS and nameserver records and get notified of DNS changes.

5x monitor checks

Need faster website down detection? Get 5x faster down detection with our monitors, on our Pro plan.

Response times

Website performance is important! Keep a check on your server's response time by HTTP or IP.

Cron monitoring

Keep a check on your background tasks with our cron monitoring feature exclusively for Pro users.

Every tool in one place

We don't just provide uptime and domain monitoring - we also provide you with every tool you need to diagnose website health andstability, tools such as a traceroute, ping test and our IP address finder, completely free, forever.

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Website monitoring solutions built with your team in mind

Notify team members of upcoming domain and SSL expires, even if they don't have an account, add them as a notification contact to get started, control privacy features and much more.

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notification contacts built for teams
whois lookup search

WHOIS data

Tired of manually running WHOIS lookups? Add your domainis and we'll automatically show you the latest data.

instant notifications

Instant notifications

Downtime happens, we'll alert you instantly through your favourite notification channel.

friendly email support

Friendly support

Customer support is at the heart of what we do, have a question or need some support? We're on hand to help.

Plans to suit everyone

Are you a business, or do you just need to keep an eye
on multiple websites? Our Pro plan is just for you.

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notification contacts built for teams

Notification channels reimagined

Get notified right away with instant and customisable alerting, straight to the channel of your choice! Never miss critial downtime ever again.

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We are the complete monitoring solution

At the Domain Monitor we provide every monitoring product wrapped up in a clean, easy to use suite, we like to think that we will be your "go to" solution, take a look at some of the products we offer below.


Website uptime monitoring

Is your website down? Are your customers experiencing HTTP errors? Our uptime monitoring soltion allows you to automate and share website uptime with your team.

monitor my website

Domain monitoring

When's your domain expiring? Website downtime due to domain expiration can be expensive, get domain and SSL alerts straight to your phone and email before they expire.

monitor my domain name for free

Cron job monitoring

Is your server background task running? Monitor your Cron job and ensure that it's running on time, every time. Get alerted when it stops running and take action.

monitor server background cron job

DNS monitoring

Are your DNS & nameserver records in-sync? Monitor your DNS records (Cloudflare supported) and get notified when they change, preview changes and take action.

monitor my dns records

SSL certificate monitoring

Is your website secure? Let us keep a close watch on your website's security 24/7 so that you don't have to - when something changes, we'll notify you instantly.

domain ssl certificate monitoring

Keyword monitoring

Tired of constantly checking whether a product is back in stock? Look no further than our keyword monitoring tool as part of our all-in-one monitoring suite of tools.

free keyword monitoring tool

Port monitoring

Is your email service working? Automated port monitoring ensures the uptime of your system services anywhere in the world. Choose Domain Monitor as your all-in-one monitoring solution.

free port monitoring tool

Domain availability monitoring

Need to know when a domain name becomes available? Look no further than our domain availability monitoring feature. We'll notify you through your favourite channel.

domain availability checker tool

We've got lots of other products and tools available, check out all of our products and free tools, start monitoring today.

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Here's what some of our awesome customers are saying

I'm using Domain Monitor to keep track of over 75 client domains. No more being blindsided by a domain expiration emergency! The SSL monitoring is a nice bonus and while I use another tool for uptime monitoring, I have no doubt that feature is on point. Just shows you how valuable even just the domain expiration monitoring feature is. The site and dashboard are clear, concise, and well designed. Support is top notch, above and beyond responsive, detailed, and extremely open to feedback and suggestions. Nice work!

Ryan T.

Product Hunt

I've had the opportunity to work with Ryan and experience first-hand the development process and his passion for this system. He works tirelessly and takes onboard customer feedback and suggestions with an aim to fine-tune the feature set. Domain Monitor is the culmination of hard work and perseverance. It's a vital, cost-effective tool that makes maintenance and monitoring much easier. This is especially useful and time saving if you need to monitor multiple domains and services. To anyone that is interested I would suggest trying it out (it's free) and take it from there, you won't be disappointed.

Josh R.

Product Hunt

Good UX and nice features. Simple backend with a good UX. Features are great and the price is cool. Quick setup.



I've used this for a few months now as free and now as a premium member and it's a great service. Always regular updates and very good support. I asked for a new feature a few weeks ago and they've added it already. Not many online businesses can say that.

Chris W.


Domain monitor is a really good website. The process is very fluid and easy to use. It is very user friendly and its very clear to see the data needed.

Xerxes B.


For my monitoring needs I chose this as a user friendly site. Great service.

Nicola A.


Reasonable pricing offered by the Domain Monitor and lots of features included in the Pro plan.



Building the all-in-one domain & website monitoring solution is at the heart of what we do. We want to provide a strong, simple UI whilst providing a reliable monitoring service - so far, we've onboarded thousands of customers.

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