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It's difficult to keep track of all of your domains, that's why with our free domain monitor you'll be able to add a domain and we'll let you know when it's
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Our domain monitor is packed with features! Here's just a few:

Domain Monitor keeps everything simple

Uptime Monitoring

Save money by knowing whether your website is up or down before your customers know.

Response Times

Website performance is important! Keep a check on your server's response time by HTTP or IP.

Custom Notifications

Notifications where you need them the most, change how you receive them and where you receive them.

FREE Domain Monitor - uptime monitoring for your domains

Uptime Monitoring made easy!

Is your website up or down? Keeping track and knowing when your website is down allows you to take action and save money! By adding a monitor we'll let you know the response time, and how your monitor is performing.

FREE Domain Monitor - domain and SSL expiry alerts

Domain & SSL Expiry alerts

Have more than one domain? Add them to our free domain monitor and we'll notify you before they expire. Who wants their website to go down just as a customer is making that sale.

FREE Domain Monitor - WHOIS lookup one click away

WHOIS Lookup just one click away!

When you add your domain to our domain monitor, we'll crawl the domain and gather as much data from a WHOIS lookup as possible and present it to you all in one place.

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