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Traceroute test

Trace packet paths across your network with our complete traceroute testing tool on our domain monitoring platform.

  • Identify network problems before your customers do.
  • Discover ways to reduce latency
  • Round trip times (RTT) are presented to you.

Traceroute test

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What is a traceroute?

Traceroutes (also called a tracert) are the paths in which traffic takes to reach a specific network resource. Our traceroute test tool allows you to identify network problems and see the number of hops taken to reach a specific point and return to your computer.

traceroute test tool - domain monitor

Reduce latency

Are you seeing high hop times in your traceroute? This could result in noticeable lag, if this is the case you might need to talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Share your traceroute

Quickly share your traceroute results with your development team and co-workers so that you can work on improving hop times and reducing overall network latency.

Diagnose issues

Using our free traceroute tool allows you to test and diagnose network issues with a website and identify potential packet loss.

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