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Customise your alerts and notification preferences so that your team gets alerted in the right way.

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Notification channels
Managing Notifications

Managing your notification
preferences couldn't be easier

Keeping yourself or your team in the loop of what's happening is essential to any website development team. Did your website just stop working? You'll need to alert the right person in the right way.

Choose your notification channels

Choose notification channels

Customise what notifications you receive, and how you receive them. Choose one, or multiple notification channels, or disable them all entirely.

Set your notification contact

Notification contact

Sometimes you need to send email alerts to a specific email address, we've got that covered, choose who receives your alerts.

Preview notification history

Preview notification history

Not sure whether we've sent you any notifications in the past? Preview your notification history and find out how we alerted you.


Slack Notifications

Get alerts via Slack, all in one place so that you and your team know exactly what's happening

Notification Contacts
Notification Contacts

Notify all of your team members, all in one place

With our Notification Contacts feature, you'll be able to send email alerts to your team members about your domain, SSL and monitors.

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Notification History
Notification History

View and manage your Notification History

Ensuring that you get your domain expiry notifications is vital, check up on history to make sure everything's good.

Notification expiration alerts notice period
Expiration Alerts

Customise when you'll receive expiration alerts

We understand the importance of receiving expiration alerts for domains and SSLs in advance, that's why you can customise the exact number of days prior to expiration.

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