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Ping test tool

Whether you need to debug your network or just need to make sure your website is accessible, use our free ping test tool to find out.

  • Ping your website, server or API instantly.
  • Identify network issues on the go.
  • Share your results with anyone.

Ping test

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What is Ping?

Ping is a command line utility that allows you to check if a website's address is available on a network. A ping test is a quick, easy and efficient way of debugging part of your network and our tool will send small packets of data to the host IP address and will wait for a response.

Free ping test tool - domain monitor

Share your results

After your ping test results are completed, you can share your results by generating a link, this generated link will take someone to this page where they'll be able to see the result of your ping test.

Testing is easy

Whether you're an advanced networking expert or a beginner, running a ping test is easy. Simply enter the URL that you'd like to ping, hit the Start test button and we'll let you know once it's done.

Ping test response times

Knowing your ping test response times is a vital piece of information for debugging a slow or buggy network or website. A good response time should be under 20 ms, slower than this could indicate an issue.

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