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Ensure that any service is running correctly on your server with our simple port monitoring tool, ensure uptime and availability of your system, start today.

☝️ Custom ports
✌️ Reliable
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☝️ Custom ports
✌️ Reliable
👌 Fast to set up

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Domain Uptime Expires
Example 100% Future

Your SMTP service has just gone down, take action

Monitor your email service and more

Are emails being sent from your server on time, every time?
Your SMTP port could be broken, check today.

Monitor my server ports
website uptime monitoring tool
Every port monitored

Every port on your server can be monitored.

Domain Monitor provides reliable and accurate port monitoring with performance metrics so you can ensure the availability of your services.

Save time and money

Don't rely on customers - automate the checking of your services to save time and money

Port monitoring shouldn't be a chore, we'll automatically let you know when your monitor stops working.

Your Monitors
Domain Uptime Expires
Example 100% Future
Performance graphs

Is your port running slowly? See performance trends with monitor insights

Every time we check your port, we'll log the duration based on your monitor's timeout and check frequency.

Combine with DNS monitoring

Why not combine our DNS monitoring feature with a DNS port monitor?

Our platform provides the all-in-one suite of tools required for domain & website uptime monitoring, combine port monitoring with DNS monitoring to watch your DNS servers.

Everything looks good.

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