Domain Monitor Help guide

Setting up a custom domain for your Status Page

When you add a status page to our platform there will be three ways that you'll be able to view your status page publically providing that it's enabled:

  1. Unique long-url, e.g:<uinique-id> - Available for everyone
  2. Branded subdomain, e.g: - Pro users only, optional
  3. Fully custom domain, e.g: - Pro users only, optional

This gives you the complete visibility for your status page and you can share any one of them.

1. Using the unique long URL

We generate a unique long URL for all of your status pages by default, you can find this after you've created your status page by viewing your status page area.

2. Using a branded subdomain

You may come up with a unique branded subdomain as part of our platform, this is HTTPS-enabled and no unique identifier is required since the name must be unique.

3. Using a fully custom domain

You may set up a fully custom domain in your DNS. This must be a CNAME record. Further details about how to configure this are available from within the status page creation & edit area. You may not be able to use HTTPS with this approach.

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