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Notification deliverability

When it comes to getting notifications about your domains, monitors and other account related notifications, it's important to understand that as a monitoring company, we're always looking to improve deliverability on our end so that you get your notifications on time.

However, sometimes, emails may end up in your spam inbox, whilst others may appear to be delayed.

This can be mostly down to the email address that you've set as your account's notification email address, or, potentially the notification preferences that you've configured.

Your deliverability status

Within your account's profile section, you'll be able to find a badge located to the right of your Notification email address.

This badge will help indicate the likelihood of us being able to deliver emails to your mailbox.

Note that this is just a guide and may not provide accurate deliverability information.

This is calculated by us analysing factors about the email address you've provided, see the table below:

StatusRevenue made
DeliverableWe are likely able to deliver you notifications.
ImpairedNotifications may be temporarily delayed or could end up in spam
UndeliverableWe are unable to deliver notifications, please try a different notification mail address
PendingWe're analysing your email address, in the mean time you will likely continue to receive notifications

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