Domain Monitor Help guide

How our alerting works

Notifications are an important feature for our website and domain monitoring products, without them, you wouldn't know whether your domain name is about to expire, or whether your SSL was set up and operating correctly, or even if your website stops working completely.

Our alerting system constantly checks to see whether we need to alert you about an upcoming expiration of your domain or SSL, or will automatically alert you in the event that your website stops working.

It's important that when you create an account with our Domain Monitor that you can verify the ownership of the email you used to sign up with and any notification contact that you may add.

If you provide an email address that is unreachable we may be able to detect this and may terminate your account.

Different alerting methods

There's more than one way that we can alert you, based on your Notification Preferences we can alert you via:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Slack

You're able to control each of these and can manage them in your account.

We use a Third-Party service for alerting

In order to ensure reliable delivery of alerts through email, we use a third-party service to deliver emails to you. It's possible that if your email has been registered by a fake email generator that you will not be able to receive alerts from us. We'll be able to identify whether your account has been registered with one of these and may terminate your account.

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