Domain Monitor Help guide

Adding Slack Integration to your account

We've recently introduced Slack as a notification integration that can be enabled in your account, Slack is a great way to get alerts if you're working in a team, to get Slack configured to receive alerts about your monitors and domains, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap your name in the top right (you might need to open the menu first if on a mobile)
  3. Head to your profile
  4. Next, head to the Notification Preferences section and find the section called "Notification Types"
  5. Find the "Third-party integrations" section
  6. Tap on the Configure button, you'll be taken to a screen for you to provide your Slack's WebHook URL

What happens next?

After you've added your Slack's WebHook URL, you'll need to then enable Slack as a Notification Type, it won't automatically enable after you've configured your WebHook URL because we don't know what Notifications you'll want to receive.

You'll need to enable the relevant Notification Types in your account.

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