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Customising the HTTP method

Do you need to be able to custom your monitor's HTTP method?

By default, all HTTP based monitors will send GET requests to your website, these requests are usually pretty quick and are typically sufficient enough for most website monitoring needs.

If your monitor URL requires a different method, for instance, in examples such as APIs where you might want to test posting data, this is where the HTTP method selection feature is useful.

When you add, or edit a monitor you can choose from:

  • GET
  • POST
  • HEAD
  • PUT

Sending data with POST, PUT or PATCH

These HTTP methods will require you to send some data, it's quite typical of an API with one of these methods to require data, for this reason we expect data in the JSON format, meaning, data will be sent as JSON to the endpoint.

You'll be able to find an example mockup of this when selecting either of these method types.

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