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Adding a Keyword monitor

Are you looking to get notifications for whenever a product becomes available and back in stock on a website?

A Keyword monitor is an excellent choice for this and this quick help article will help you configure your keyword monitor correctly.

Let's first look at adding a new Keyword monitor to the platform:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap Monitors (you might need to open the menu first if on a mobile) in the menu
  3. Tap on Add monitor and choose the Add monitor from the dropdown list
  4. Give your monitor a name and optionally a description
  5. Set the monitor type to Keyword
  6. Choose how often you'd like us to check your monitor, we recommend at least a 10 minute interval
  7. Provide a maximum number of seconds that we'll scan your monitor's URL for your keyword, about 15-20 seconds will be perfect
  8. Enter the website URL page you'd like us to scan for your keyword including the https:// part
  9. Provide us with the Keyword value that we'll look for
  10. Choose how you'd like us to alert you, either when the keyword does not exist, or when the keyword exists

Want additional accuracy? We recommend enabling "Keyword is case-sensitive"

How to choose the keyword from HTML source?

Choosing the keyword correctly is important to ensuring that your keyword monitor triggers correctly.

Right now, we don't support dynamic websites, these are websites that are typically built with web frameworks such as Vue JS or React, this is because content on these websites aren't rendered in the HTML source code and as a result may not work correctly on our platform.

The best way to obtain the keyword is to:

  1. Navigate to the product page where your chosen keyword exists visually to you
  2. Right-click on the page and choose "View page source" (this will show you the HTML source code)
  3. Find and make sure that the keyword is visually shown without any special characters

Case sensitivity

By default we'll attempt to find your chosen keyword regardless of the case type, this means that:

  • Chosen value: "PlayStation 5"
    • we will trigger an alert for both "PlayStation 5" or "playstation 5"

If you'd prefer, you can enable case-sensitive checks meaning it MUST match the exact value you provide.


Monitor not triggering correctly even though I can see my keyword on the page

Possible causes are:

  1. Potential whitespace or strange character and the start, end or in both places of your keyword
  2. The website is a dynamic site, and Keyword monitoring isn't yet available for these sites
  3. Your check frequency is set super fast and as a result our monitoring engines have been blocked

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