Domain Monitor Help guide

Adding a domain availability monitor

Domain availability monitoring is a great way to get a heads-up on domain name registration availability, straight to your inbox and device.

Making sure that your monitor is configured correctly is an important part of ensuring that you get notified correctly, so let's look at how we can set this monitor up:

You must be subscribed to our Pro plan to add this monitor.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap Monitors (you might need to open the menu first if on a mobile) in the menu
  3. Tap on Add monitor and choose the Add monitor from the dropdown list
  4. Give your monitor a name and optionally a description
  5. Set the monitor type to Domain availability
  6. Enter the domain name, for example: in the "Domain name" field

Check frequency

When you add a domain availability monitor, we'll continuously check the domain name against several different providers to determine whether the domain is available or not, we recommend setting the check frequency to Every week since our databases don't update instantly.

Getting notified

To ensure you get notified, please make sure you've enabled both of the Monitor up and down notification types in your account, and that you've configured any additional notification preferences.

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