Domain Monitor Help guide

When are DNS records checked?

When you add a domain to your account, you have the option, providing you're subscribed to our Pro plan to enable DNS monitoring as part of your domain.

When this feature is enabled either when adding a new domain name, or after editing a domain name you'll be able to receive alerts whenever the domain DNS and nameserver records change or are updated on your domain.

Typically, DNS records shouldn't change very often, and, especially without user input, unless you're using Cloudflare of course in which case it's normal for some DNS record types to change such as A and AAAA records (our platform accounts for this).

For this reason, it's possible with this monitoring feature to change how often we check your domain's DNS records.

  • We automatically check your website's DNS records based on the check frequency for your DNS linked to your domain.

If you're making planned changes to your domain, such as moving it to a different server or are backing it up, then we recommend either disabling DNS alerts in your account's notification preferences, or, simply slowing down how often we check your domain.

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