Domain Monitor Help guide

When are Blacklists checked?

When you add a domain to your account, you have the option, providing you're subscribed to our Pro plan to enable Blacklist alert monitoring as part of your domain.

When this feature is enabled either when adding a new domain name, or after editing a domain name you'll be able to receive alerts whenever your domain appears on either a:

  • Black list
  • Spam list

Typically, when a domain appears on one of these lists, it'll affect all sorts ranging from your email marketing efforts, to even being able to get visitors to your website.

For this reason, it's possible to change how often we check your domain to discover if it's on one of these lists.

  • We automatically check your domain's blacklists based on the check frequency for your blacklist linked to your domain. This is usually either weekly or monthly. These options usually are sufficient enough to detect potential issues with your domain name.

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