Maintenance windows feature [for Pro users]
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🔧 Maintenance windows feature [for Pro users]

Recently, we've been working extremely hard to bring lots of new features to our platform to make it the best, fastest and most reliable all-in-one domain & website monitoring solution.

Today is no different - we've just launched a new feature!

I'm excited to announce that we've just launched Maintenance Windows for our Pro users.

Let's briefly explore this feature...

🛠️ What is a maintenance window?

Website uptime monitoring is designed to continuously monitor your website and/or server and alert you when it stops responding.

This is great, it means that you can focus on running your business, working on client projects and generally not worrying too much about website downtime.


Sometimes, a server must be taken down for a window of time to carry out certain tasks such as:

  • Routine server backups
  • Physical server hardware upgrades
  • Batched jobs
  • And more...

These tasks often mean that traditional uptime monitoring would trigger a DOWN alert when in reality, it was planned maintenance.

This is where a maintenance window can really benefit you, put simply, a maintenance window is a defined period of time in which monitoring is automatically paused, meaning, you won't receive alerts, notifications or affect the integrity of your uptime history.

Globally applied to your account

As more of you start using this feature, we'll likely update it allow you to simply define specific monitors too, but for now, our maintenance windows feature is great if you've got lots of monitors as it is applied globally to your account - easy!

🚀 Getting started with Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows - Domain Monitor

Make sure your account is on our Pro plan to use this feature.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap Maintenance windows (you might need to open the menu first if on a mobile) in the menu
  3. Tap on Add maintenance window to open up the creation page
  4. Give it a name, and optionally a description
  5. Choose your frequency, you'll be able to select the days of week or days of month based on the frequency
  6. Choose when you'd like your maintenance window to start on the defined days
  7. Finally, enter a value up to 1140 in minutes for how long the maintenance window should run for

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