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🎨 We're refreshing how we present your domains to you [Redesign & Updates]

👋 It's Ryan from the Domain Monitor.

We've recently been making some changes to how we present your domains to you within your account. We're also making some important feature changes and will continue to be implementing these over the forthcoming weeks and months to give you the best experience possible.

In this short article, I'm going to highlight some of the changes we've implemented, and some of the upcoming changes.

📜 Gone are our tables

  • Your domains are now listed in "cards"
  • Mobile usability has been improved
  • We're offering additional actions such as domain editing

Up until recently, we'd present your domains that you're monitoring in the form of a table, tables are great for showing data, but offer very little flexibility for implementing buttons that allow you to take action, and generally, they look pretty awful.

A few months ago, we updated the design of your monitors, and switched to a more streamlined "card" approach, so we thought we'd do the same for your domains as well.

✏️ You can now edit your domain's expiry date

Many customers of the Domain Monitor have suggested being able to manually change your domain's expiry date, for situations such as when your domain's status has been marked as missing data.

We're not done here though.

With the ability to edit your domain's expiry date, we're also going to be introducing additional features for better managing your domain, so stay tuned for these changes coming up.

🚦 Your crawl status is changing as well

Up until now, we've given you a crawled status, this is indicated by the coloured "pill" shown next to a domain.

The crawled status has often been pretty vague, and didn't really highlight certain scenarios as to why your domain wasn't marked as complete.

The biggest change here is with the labelling:

  • Crawled will now become just Status

We're going to be introducing additional statuses, but don't worry, if your domain was marked prior to these new changes going live, you could consider deleting the domain and re-adding it to find out what's wrong.

Here's a list of how the statuses are changing:

After 11th Oct 2021

The following will be added:

invalid formatthe format of one or more pieces of information is invalid, usually the expiry date
missing expiryyour domain's expiry date is missing

Before 11th Oct 2021

The existing statuses:

pendingwe've scheduled your domain for crawling
in queueyour domain is next in queue to be crawled
missing datathere's some data missing from your domain
expiredyour domain has expired, we'll automatically crawl this domain again
errorsomething went wrong crawling your domain
completewe've crawled your domain, and everything looks good

We're making these changes so that you're able to better identify the issue with your domains.

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