5 Key Benefits Of Landing Pages For Your Business
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5 Key Benefits Of Landing Pages For Your Business

I was sitting here thinking to myself, what are some of the key benefits of landing pages for any business?

Landing pages are a great way to boost conversion on your website, and as it turns out, landing pages can boost your conversion rate on average by 2.35%, and if you're in the top 25% of best converting pages you could see a 5.31% or higher conversion.

If you're not familiar, or are asking, what exactly are landing pages, we've covered how you can create the best converting page in just a few minutes, otherwise, these key benefits might not make much sense…

Equally though, if you're trying to find why you should create a landing page, then you've come to the right place!

Let's dive right in.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

importance of landing pages

If you've ever been to Apple's website then you'll know that they create product pages each year, and every time they come out with a brand new product.

For instance, the iPhone 12 launch, well, they created a page specifically for that.

You see, landing pages are (in nature), designed to convert cold leads (cold leads are those who aren't highly targeted or simply don't show interest in your product) into paying customers, whether that be to purchase the latest smartphone, or sign up to that monthly subscription plan.

Monthly recurring revenue is great for any business, and especially the SaaS business model.

With that being said, you now know by definition what landing pages are right?

They're to convert people into paying customers, and that's important, but here are some other reasons why these pages are so important:

  • You'll generate more leads
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue for your business
  • Grow your business
  • To promote new products and/or services

5 Key Benefits Of Landing Pages

key benefits of landing pages

It's all well said and done knowing the importance of creating effective, high converting landing pages, but you came here for me to give you the key benefits didn't you…

So that's what we're going to cover next.

Product & Service Promotion

You've launched your E-Commerce website selling handbags, or you've started your blog to teach people some driving tips, and you've been working on your website for months and have grown your website traffic…

Now, you've decided to launch a new product on your website, how do you go about promoting that?

There's a reason that Apple opted to create a page for their iPhone, it's because they've created, not just any page, but a landing page.

A page designed for you to go into detail about the reasons why someone should buy your product, what makes your product or service so unique and so special that would convince someone to part with their cash?

You can't just create any random page and expect someone to come along and purchase your new product or service without promoting it really well on that page can you?

Landing pages are great for product promotion when used correctly, so here's some tips to help you promote your products and/or services better:

New leads & Conversions

Did you know that 90% of visitors that read your headlines will also read your call to action?

That means that as long as you've got a well designed landing page that has a primary Call To Action, and that your website is loading quickly, you're more likely to generate new leads and new conversions with a landing page.

This is really hammering the nail on the head for you, landing pages are designed to optimise your conversion rates right?

So that's why it's included as a key benefit here, you could take your leads from 100 to over 1,000 within a few months by simply optimising components on your landing page such as:

  • Your forms
  • Your headlines and call to action
  • By adding a video and some images
  • Really building trust with potential customers
  • Being transparent

On the domain monitor, we found that by introducing an input to one of our landing pages that allows you to input a domain to start monitoring we found that we started getting more leads signing up which ultimately improves our conversion.

Build credibility

We live in a society that requires us as humans to build credibility for our work and businesses in order for others to trust us.

There's a number of elements that you absolutely don't want to have on your landing pages because it will kill your credibility as Neil Patel has discovered.

And he's absolutely right.

Do you have any social proof that your products live up to customer expectations? If you don't then your credibility could go downhill since your potential customers aren't going to believe you.

There's several ideas and implementations that you can "plug in" into your landing pages to help build that credibility:

  • Social shares - provide a social sharing widget and show customers how many shares you've got, but if there's no shares at all, remove this feature
  • Customer testimonials and reviews - do you ever buy something online without checking the reviews first? Probably not, so start collecting good reviews, but displaying bad reviews could kill your credibility

You can be creative with landing pages

Pages on your website such as your terms and conditions, privacy policy and all these pages are typically very long form content and are designed to be hard to read.

There's usually no images, and these pages don't typically look very pleasing, plus your website traffic isn't likely to even visit these pages.

With that being said, landing pages are the types of pages on your website or blog that you can go all out on and be super creative with.

Go and add some infographics and some illustrative videos, did you know that adding a video can boost your landing page's conversion by 86%?

That's massive.

People learn in different ways, and Google loves multimedia within content.

Build your SEO and page ranking

I'm a strong believer in SEO and by working at it can seriously improve your landing pages, if you're able to build your page rankings through SEO and drive more website traffic to those pages, then you're able to grow your business.

I've covered many ways to drive more traffic to your website in my other blog articles on the domain monitor, so it's worth taking a look at our articles.

One of the ways that you can drive more website traffic to your landing pages is by following an SEO challenge.

This is where you create valuable content for people searching in Google, you create one piece of content every day for 32 days, then, after a few months you'll start to see a rapid incline in the website traffic you get to your landing pages…

If you didn't have any landing pages though, you wouldn't be able to get people into your website's funnel and start converting leads.

I now encourage you, with these benefits I've mentioned to go and create some landing pages on your website if you haven't already got some, but even if you have, make sure you're optimising the ones you've got.

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