Here's How The 32 Day SEO Challenge Can Help You Increase Your Website Traffic!
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Here's How The 32 Day SEO Challenge Can Help You Increase Your Website Traffic!

Every website wants a piece of the traffic from search engines, but now every website knows how to bring that traffic to them.

One of the ways that you can kick start the website traffic on your website is to start the 32 day SEO challenge by creating blog posts for your website.

With over 70 million blog posts being published to the Wordpress platform alone each month, now is a good time to start this challenge.

In this blog post, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the challenge, and how to get started.

Ready? Let's dive straight in...

How can I increase traffic to my website in 2021?

how can I increase website traffic

With over 85,000 online businesses being launched thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, how can you make your website stand out?

How can you increase the website traffic to YOUR website and how do you convince people that the content you've created is the best?

It's a question that has probably got you thinking right?

The easiest way to do this, is to create content, now, there's many ways to create content, and you'll need to find the best method that suits you:

  • Blog posts - these are written pieces of content that show up in the search engine
  • Podcasts - if you prefer to talk about a topic and educate people but don't want to show your face, a podcast could be an opportunity for you
  • YouTube videos - YouTube is the second largest search engine besides Google, so if you want to educate people through video, this is the best opportunity for you

Increasing website traffic isn't like creating a piece of content with one of these methods and expecting to start seeing results overnight...

It takes time to build trust, authority and show the search engines that your content is the most helpful, and the best piece ever.

Create original content

Creating content, whether it be through a written blog article, YouTube video or a podcast, being able to create a unique personality that people love is what's going to keep people coming back time and time again.

Your content needs to be unique and original.


Because there's too many websites fighting to get more organic search traffic to their site that they lack in being original.

There's many ingredients that go into creating original content so be sure to take a look at our other post covering that!

3 Shotgun Tips to creating original content

There's 3 critical elements that you need to consider when creating and crafting content to drive more traffic to your site...

Meta titles and descriptions

When somebody searches for a keyword or phrase, when they're searching for finding out how to do something, why should they click on your website?

If you've got two website posts sitting one above the other within the search results, how will the potential customer of yours know which website is better?

They're going to look at the title and description, and these art the most critical spots for attracting someone to your website.

You need to craft an exciting, catchy and attractive title that makes the reader want to click through to your site, and since titles and descriptions hold massive amounts of value, you've only got a few characters to do this with.

Use visuals such as images and video

People learn in many ways, whether that be through sound, imagery or by reading. So it's always a good idea to include meaningful images in your content

If you're creating a podcast or video, then the featured thumbnail image on the respective methods are what's going to entice people to listen or watch.

With that said, don't just overload your content with imagery, especially if you're creating a blog post.

There are some common best practices that you should follow, and as a general rule of thumb, one image for every 150 words of content should be sufficient enough.

Don't focus on word count or video length

When you're creating your blog post to get more website traffic, or your video, don't focus on the word count.

Whilst it might be true that Google likes long-form content, you should be focussing on creating content that's going to provide the solution to one's problem in the most easiest and detailed way.

Sometimes, this means a blog post with just a few hundred words, or a YouTube video that's shorter than 2 minutes.

Whilst other pieces of content might need to be longer, for example if you're creating a guide on creating a website from scratch, or teaching someone how to sew.

If you're creating a longer piece of content, you might need to write around 1,500 words if it's a blog post, or a YouTube video for around 5 minutes.

There isn't really a set answer here, and as you can see...

We could debate it all day, and you'll find many different answers, so what's best?

Just don't focus on word count or length, and instead, focus on the value that you can provide in as many words as you see fit.

The 32 Day SEO Challenge - begin here!

begin the 32 day SEO challenge

Okay, so this is one of the challenges that I'm going to give you, it's a challenge that I did for my Car Topics website, and I wanted to share it with you.

After looking into some videos online about how I could grow a website, I needed to just stop looking and start writing.

So I started a website, much like what you've likely done right?

You've started a website and now want to get people to it.

The idea behind this challenge is this...

You need to create one piece of content, every day, for 32 consecutive days in a row. Whether that's a video, podcast or blog.

It doesn't matter at this stage if your content isn't the absolute best.


Because, you're going to learn essential skills to grow your website and skills to create content that engages people.

I'd aim for each piece of content to be around 1,000 words in length if you want to increase your website traffic.

Once you've completed the 32 day SEO challenge, you aren't going to see immediate results, but guess what?

If you give it a few months, you're going to start to see a growth spurt in the amount of impressions, and soon, clicks to your site.

After this, you need to go back and update those posts, because Google likes updated content, and updating your content can help give you a traffic boost!

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