Reliable DNS monitoring built in, no third-parties.

Do you manage multiple client websites? Double down on your domain by enabling DNS monitoring to keep track of domain records.

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All-in-one DNS monitoring tool for your domain
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Automated DNS record monitoring
that's reliable and fast.

We'll scan your entire domain and detect changes against previous checks, unknown DNS record changes can have big consequences for the availability of your website or API, thjat's why, we'll let you know when something is wrong.

Currently discovered dns record types
Current records

What records are currently linked to your domain?

With our DNS record monitoring tool, you'll be able to quickly see all of the records along with their types, values and TTL values all in one place.

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Notification History
Previous records

Check your previous DNS records as soon as they change, simple.

Whenever your domain's DNS or nameserver records change we'll instantly be able to show you what your previous records were and how many records you currently have.

Manage what record types will be monitored
Manage monitored records

Cloudflare? No problem, customise what record types are monitored

Domain Monitor understands that many sites use Cloudflare for DNS management, that's no problem, simply customise what records should be monitored.

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