Status page incident updates [new feature]
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🚨 Status page incident updates [new feature]

👋 Ryan, here from the Domain Monitor!

Managing customer expectations throughout planned server maintenance or providing regular updates through site downtime is essential to reducing customer friction, saving time and money.

That's why we're pleased to announce a brand new feature called Incident updates for Status pages.

In this short article, I'll take you through:

  • The importance of providing incident updates.
  • Why we created this feature.


How you can get started with this today!

💪 The importance of regular incident updates

Have you ever tried to visit one of your most used websites only to find it being down, or incredibly slow?

You probably wonder whether it's an issue with your device's network or potentially an issue with just your device and that it'll sort itself out right?

Chances are, the site owners are performing regular server maintenance and haven't publicly announced this yet, causing frustration for you, and, many others.

Big companies such as Github and Stripe have what's knows as a Status page.

These status pages are designed to keep you, the end user updated of incidents such as:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Potential website downtime
  • Ongoing incidents

Without a status page allowing you to see these incident updates you'd never know if the company was aware of the issue, this is why it's important to provide regular incident updates so that your customers are kept up-to-date with everything that's going on!

What is website downtime?

Want to learn more about website downtime?


We've put together an article that you can check out where we deep dive further into this important topic.

❔ Why did we build status page incident updates?

For a while know our public status pages have felt a little... empty?

We've showed potential customers the uptime of the monitors you've selected to be included in your status page along with a colourful banner of the current status, but haven't gone much beyond this.

Recently, we launched pin-protected status pages as a feature, along with some design changes, but not much else.

We wanted to add something that would add significantly more value to you and potential customers.

This is why we build our new feature:

Status page incident updates

And you can start using this from today.

🚀 How do I get started with incident updates?

Status page incident updates feature - Domain Monitor

Make sure your account is on our Pro plan to use this feature.

  1. Firstly, log in to your account
  2. Next, head to your Status pages and click on the Incidents button
  3. Then, click on Create incident update, you'll be taken to the page for creating a new incident update as well as seeing all incident updates

You'll be able to set the incident type from one of four types:

  • Resolved
  • Info
  • Issue
  • Maintenance

We recommend setting most incident types to Info if you're unsure of which one to use.

❤️ We hope you like this feature

We've been working on this feature for a little while now and hope that you make the most of it, if you've got any questions or queries about this, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

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