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🕐 Setting Your Time Zone [New Feature]

Time Zones, they're a pain. Recently, here in the UK the clocks have gone forward, and for many of you, you’ve probably forgotten a few clocks or watches around the house right?

It’s Ryan again from the Domain Monitor, and recently (amongst other changes) we’ve been working on adding time zone support to our domain and uptime monitoring products, and I’m pleased to announce that as of today, you can now customise your time zone.

You may have noticed in your Domain Monitor account that dates and times haven’t been very accurate, unless you’re from the UK that is.

That’s because up until recently, all dates and times in your account are shown in UTC format, and most recently, we’ve switched this over to the Europe/London time zone, but you can now change this.

🌍 Understanding The Data In Your Time Zone

Time Zones are generally a challenging feature to work with, there’s so many different ones and if the time zone isn’t right it can prove troublesome for reliability, and that’s why we’ve been working on this feature for a little while and plan to gradually roll it out.

If you’re a new customer joining the Domain Monitor, then we’ll automatically try to figure out your time zone when you create an account with us.

Once you’ve signed up, and have verified your email address, you’ll be able to start seeing data in your time zone, and if it’s wrong, you can customise the time zone at any point in your account, within the profile section.

That’s right.

We’ve added a new dropdown selection to your account’s profile where you’ll be able to set your time zone, don’t worry if you get it wrong or aren’t sure, you can always come back and change it.

🛠️ Setting Your Time Zone

Because of how time zones work, we believe that we’ve covered most circumstances for time zones in our code, but in case your time zone isn’t listed, it’s likely be down to the fact that our libraries provide synonyms to time zones, and so what you might be used to on one website may be listed slightly differently on ours.

If your time zone doesn’t appear to be listed, or you’re not sure what to choose, we recommend choosing something generic, and reliable, such as UTC or Europe/London.

The time zone that you choose will influence just how we display data to you, to make it more accurate for where you live, but the underlying data that we save will continue to be in the same format and time zone so that if you decided to change your time zone, or location, you could quickly get your account set up for that area too.

❗ Data Accuracy Is Important

One of the key points about our domain and website monitoring service is that we are always looking to improve and make the service more reliable, and with that comes new challenges, so if you spot something that doesn’t seem quite right with this new feature, we’d love to hear from you.

We take customer service very seriously and are always here, on hand ready to answer any queries you might have!

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