5 Reasons Why You Should Start Guest Blogging
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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Guest Blogging

Have you ever wanted to get started with guest blogging but haven't quite been convinced enough to make the move and start?

I get it, it might seem like you're putting time and energy into an area which ultimately won't drive any good results for your website, your brand, and your business.

This couldn't be any further from the truth, and so, that's why I've decided to jump on here and give you 5 reasons why you should start guest blogging right away.

Reason #1: Increased Authority And Credibility

increased authority

Guest blogging can be a great way to improve your brand's authority and credibility in the industry and space that your website is in.

When new websites start, it's often quite difficult for them to gain that initial momentum to get them going.

It's a little bit like trying to push a car from a complete stand still, but once it's moving, it's easier to keep it moving.

The same is true for your website's authority, more specifically I'm talking about the domain authority of our website, and by reaching out and guest blogging on other websites that have already got a high domain authority means that as long as you naturally link back to your site, you're likely to share some of that authority score.

It doesn't stop here though, guest blogging also helps to build and prove your credibility in the niche and space you're in, there's a lot of competition, so doing everything you can to improve reach is essential.

backlink opportunities

Whenever a new blog post is created, Google will come along and index that newly created piece of content.

But during the indexing process, Google has to figure out what your page is about and where it should sit in the search engines, so if you can get yourself an opportunity to guest blog post on another blog, you're opening yourself up for backlink opportunities.

What are backlinks you might ask?

They're essentially links that link to your website from another website.

I wouldn't recommend approaching guest blogging with the mindset of simply obtaining backlinks, this isn't the approach for you if that's what you're thinking.

You don't just magically get backlinks, they appear organically over time as more and more websites and brands find out about your website.

With that being said, sure, you can link back to your own website with a link or two within a guest blog post, so long as the guest blog allows for this, you might find that it violates their terms and conditions, so always check first.

Reason #3: More Brand Exposure

brand exposure

Chances are, if you're looking for reasons to start guest blogging, you probably either have a brand already, or are looking to start a brand.

Whatever the case may be, brand exposure goes a long way in increasing the amount of website traffic that you're able to get to your site.

Website traffic is ultimately what's going to determine whether you can build a business online, or whether you can't, so guest blogging is another way to not only provide value for another blog, but also, to generate value and exposure for your own blog and website.

It's a win for both parties involved.

When you're looking to build more brand exposure through guest blogging, you're going to want to make sure that you are indeed providing enough value, don't go and create a piece of content that has no value and expect this to generate exposure for your brand.

If you do this, you're likely to not even get the opportunity to guest blog post at all.

Reason #4: Market To A Specific Niche

market to specific niche

Let's just assume that you've got a website, you've got an E-Commerce website that sells handbags and has a blog for you to talk about the different types of handbags and their purposes.

Now, you've found a blog that seems reasonably popular and the brand sits exactly in the niche of handbags, the same niche that you're in.

Now you've got a big opportunity at stake, you've able to reach out to this blog and pitch to them your expertise and offer them your value.

They might turn down the offer of course, but if you pitch guest blogging in the right way, then you've opened up the ability to market to a specific niche, which can start driving website traffic to your site.

Reason #5: Fill Your Content Calendar

content calendar

If you've a daily blogger, or blog for a living, chances are you'll plan your content week after week, writing down all of the topic ideas that you want to talk about so that you can just start creating content.

Chances are, you'll also have a few empty spots in your content calendar where you either have no content for that day, or simply haven't chosen what to write about yet.

This is an opportunity for you to fill those spots in your content calendar with content that you can write, pitch and publish to a guest blog which helps keep your content calendar filled.

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