Pretty Purchases Joins Our Website Monitoring Tool
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Pretty Purchases Joins Our Website Monitoring Tool

Are you looking for a designer handbag? Maybe you’re looking for something pretty to purchase for a loved one.

Over 50% of the UK female population bought a handbag last year, and the nation has spent over £1.2 billion, so finding the best website to purchase all types of handbags and other pretty purchases is essential right?

That’s why I was shocked to find out that one of the best websites selling handbags had joined our website monitoring tool, I needed to investigate further.

Now, I’m not exactly an expert in selling handbags, so when Pretty Purchases became a customer of our website monitoring tool I was delighted to have a new customer on board from the E-Commerce space, as any online SaaS service would be.

So, in this article, I’m going to tell you more about Pretty Purchases, why they joined the Domain Monitor, and just how you can grab a discount on your next designer handbag.

Are you interested? Let’s dive right in...

Who Are Pretty Purchases?

Pretty Purchases logo

Pretty Purchases is a UK based startup that specialises in providing and selling all types of pretty purchases, from designer handbags, to other purchases such as handbag charms and scarves.

Owned and maintained by Rebecca, the website has been constructed with attention to detail and a natural flare of colour.

Most websites are typically thrown together with just a few products to show for themselves, but with Pretty Purchases, you’ll be able to find a vast selection of products, all have been added with you in mind, the customer.

Why Did Pretty Purchases Opt To Use Our Website Monitoring Tool?

why did Pretty Purchase use the Domain Monitor

There are many website monitoring tools that you can choose from nowadays, in fact, we wrote a blog article on the best ones.

The key to choosing the best one comes down to primarily three factors:

  1. Customer Service - how quickly and efficient are problems and queries resolved
  2. Quality Of Service - is the monitoring service of good quality and does it work as expected?
  3. User Interface (UI) - is the service easy to use and navigate?

Let’s dive into each one of these three factors:

Customer Service

When Pretty Purchases approached our domain monitor to utilise our website monitoring service I was delighted considering the majority of customers signed up had been individuals that never had a website selling products.

Customer service is an essential part of any startup, so first impressions mattered with our monitoring tool here.

Quality Of Service

After Pretty Purchases had been using our website monitoring and domain monitoring tool for some time, no major issues were brought to my attention by the customer, and after diving through various developer logs with the product everything seems in good working order.

Ensuring that the service you’re offering to your customers is of high quality will ensure that customers are retained for longer, and here at the Domain Monitor, we’re always looking to improve our service for our customers.

User Interface (UI)

Did you know that you’ve got at most, 15 seconds after someone lands on your web page to ensure that you’ve got their attention?

If your website is too slow, or just simply performs badly, maybe the buttons and elements on the web page sit too close together and are hard to tap, then potential customers will leave.

It will be hard for them to use your product and in return could result in losing potential revenue.

From the very beginning with the development of our Domain Monitor, I’ve been ensuring that the UI, or User Interface has been easy to use, and after Pretty Purchases had been using our service for a while, they reached out to me to let me know that it was easy to use.

Why Buy A Handbag With Pretty Purchases [Top 3 Reasons]

reasons to buy a handbag with Pretty Purchases

Finding a handbag, especially a good quality one that’s going to last a long time can be challenging, it’s a daunting procedure of trial and error, there’s hundreds if not thousands of handbags to choose from.

Now, I can’t say that I’ve ever bought a handbag myself, but I suppose I’m not wrong when I say that there’s a lot of competition out there right?

Pretty Purchases has lots of products to offer, ranging from a variety of perfumes to different types of designer handbags.

So why choose this brand over another brand?

Let me give you the 3 reasons to consider purchasing your next pretty item through Pretty Purchases.

Reason #1: Excellent Website User Experience

Websites are at the heart of the internet, without them, you would struggle to find information that you need online.

Designing and building a website that has a strong user experience is essential, it’s one of the reasons why Pretty Purchases became a customer of our domain monitoring tool, and it’s one of the reasons why you should choose them to purchase something pretty.

Reason #2: Wide Range Of Products

How many times have you been onto a website and have found that their catalogue is quite bland?

Probably more than once.

The best thing about the Pretty Purchases website is that their catalogue of products has been split out into categories that make it easy to find the right product.

Most items can be found with generous discounts on them, so you shouldn’t be put off from buying something.

Here’s some of the items that you can purchase:

  • Designer handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Scarves
  • Purses
  • Scarves

Reason #3: Superb Customer Service

Did you know that over 52% of people around the world believe that companies should take action on the feedback that’s been given to them by customers?

If something isn’t working with a website, let the customer service team know.

Pretty Purchases has excellent customer service that’ll mean your problems get resolved quickly and efficiently.

That’s exactly what we do on our domain monitoring tool, if you have a problem or concern, get in touch and we’ll help resolve the issue, if you never get in touch, then we can never help you.

Grab Your 5% Discount - It’s On Us!

get your Pretty Purchases discount

Who doesn’t love a discount when shopping online right? That’s why, if you purchase a product through Pretty Purchases using our discount code, you’ll get 5% off your next order!

Want 5% OFF your next order with Pretty Purchases? Claim your discount using our discount code:


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