Optimising Your Business Success with Website Monitoring
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Optimising Your Business Success with Website Monitoring

Optimising your business with an online website monitoring tool will not only save you money in the long run, but will help promote your business and improve visibility all over the internet.

There's a saying that time is money, and that's absolutely right, and when your website experiences downtime, the time taken to restore the site to a functioning level will cost.

So in this blog post, I'm going to tell you how optimising your website and business with a website monitoring tool is going to help you save money!

Website Monitoring and Profit

website monitoring and business profit graphs

When it comes to comparing website monitoring and the profit that your business makes online, it can be all too easy to look back through the graphs in tools such as Google Analytics and compare the peaks with profit.

And the drops with a simple marketing mishap or glitch right?

But actually, the drops you see in these reports might actually be caused by website downtime. What is website downtime? It's where your site goes down and isn't functional for a user.

When your users are using your website they're going to be looking at two key areas when they land on your website:

  • Is the website fast and snappy?
  • What about the ease of the site? Is it easy to use?

Everything hinges on these two key areas. Miss one of them and you could end up losing the reputation that your website has, which in turn results in less profit being made.

It can take years to build reputation, and just a few minutes to destroy it if your website is down, this is why you need a website uptime monitoring tool.

Why monitor a website?

why use a website monitor

Okay, I get it, you're asking why you even need to monitor your website right? Well, I'm going to tell you that if you don't monitor your website now, you might lose that reputation and revenue that you've been building.

Having a website that is down is no use to your site users, and certainly isn't useful to you as a website owner and business owner.

Reliability is important when it comes down to website uptime, and so here's some points as to why you need to monitor your website today:

  • Identify website downtime quicker
  • Improve your website's performance with response monitoring
  • Check your domain's expiry date and get notified
  • SL expiry check so you know when it's about to expire
  • Ensure your site is secure
  • Confirm your domain's registrar details

These are just a few of the reasons why it's worth monitoring a website, your website.

If you take a step back and think about the costs involved with website downtime, a website monitoring or domain monitoring tool can cost less than (on average) £10 a month, most cost even less than this and offer free plans.

Check the big picture with a website uptime monitoring tool

the big picture

Website monitoring and uptime checking are relatively the same subject to cover. An uptime check is simply where the monitoring tool will ping your website to ensure it's up.

Usually you can customise how often the website monitor will check the uptime of your website, and you can choose between IP monitoring and basic website monitoring.

You see, once you've signed up to a website checker tool and have started the process of adding all of your systems and subsystems into the tool to be monitored, you're already on the path to optimising business success with the tool.

There are many ways that a monitoring tool will optimise your business success, so you need to be looking at the big picture...

Website monitoring tools can check for SSL expiration dates

One of the most important elements to optimise your business success online is ensuring that your website's SSL is working and hasn't expired.

SSL expiry can prove havoc if it expires since your site might be flagged as insecure for your customers on your site.

This wasn't as big of a problem many years ago, if a site's SSL had expired and you loaded the page you would've still been able to browse the site.

But now... that simply isn't really the case any more, sites will be flagged as insecure if a SSL has expired.

This is a website monitoring tool to check for SSL expiry dates is vital to online success for your business.

Using a domain expiry check tool is vital!

Absolutely! Your domain name for your website is how customers will visit your site, and is also how organic users will find and interact with your products and/or services.

If your website domain name ends up expiring, you won't be able to generate any visitors as your domain would've been frozen until it's renewed by you, or someone else after the cooling off period.

This period of time is usually less than 40 days, but in some circumstances could be longer!

Imagine not having your website up for 40+ days not generating new leads or closing sales, your business success hinges on ensuring your domain is up!

A domain expiry check tool included within a website uptime monitoring tool will allow you to do just this!

IP blacklist detection

If your website has had its IP blacklisted, you could have trouble ranking in the search engine and could find yourself losing website traffic without (what seems as) you not knowing!

A website monitoring tool will be able to check whether your IP is on a blacklist and can flag this to you so that you can take action now.


our conclusion

Whilst it might seem as no big deal not to have a website monitoring tool as part of your monthly expenses in your business, without one, your business success online might not be as good as having one.

A monitoring tool will keep a check on the most critical aspects of your website and domain name so that you don't have to, and will alert you of potential problems that could impact your users.

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