Introducing Slack Notifications [Third-party Integration]
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🎉 Introducing Slack Notifications [Third-party Integration]

👋 It's Ryan from the Domain Monitor and I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched our Slack Integration as a new Notification Type, and you can enable it today!

When we launched our domain and website uptime monitoring products many months ago, our mission and vision all along has been to provide one of the most refined and most reliable website monitoring solutions, in fact, we want to provide you with an "all-in-one" solution.


Because if you have to sign up to many different online services to do things like:

  • Monitoring your website
  • Checking your domain's expiry date
  • Checking your SSL's expiry date

Then it kind of defeats the purpose, that's to improve your website's uptime and reduce the time that you spend manually checking if your website is up or reviewing when your next domain is about to expire.

Slack is a great communication tool for teams, and that's why, from today, you'll be able to add your team's Slack WebHook URL and then configure your Notification Preferences to then allow us to send you alerts via Slack.

😍 We Love Slack, You Should Too!

We love using Slack, and personally, I use the tool every single day, it's a powerful communication tool to communicate with your team members and share thoughts and ideas.

If you're unfamiliar with Slack, you might be aware of other communication services such as Skype?

Have you used that?

Skype is great, but it's not really built for teams, and doesn't have some of the advanced features that Slack has.

🔔 Notifications Via Slack

Up until now, you've really only been able to add either a simple web notification, which would show when you log in to your Domain Monitor account, or/and an Email notification.

These are great, and we suggest keeping your email notifications enabled so that you know when your domains and SSLs are about to expire.

But what about your monitors?

Do you really need to receive an email every time your website or API goes down?

Chances are, you'll be using Slack for this, so now, you'll be able to configure the Slack integration and then enable the Slack notification type for your monitors!

It's really that easy!

So what are you waiting for? We hope that you like this integration, and we'll likely be adding more integrations in the future as well.

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