Introducing Domain Monitor Pro  [PRO plan]
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🎉 Introducing Domain Monitor Pro [PRO plan]

👋 It's Ryan from the Domain Monitor and I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched our Pro subscription.

2021 was a huge year for us and we couldn't have reached our internal goals if it wasn't for the support of you!

Many people have reached out to us showing an interest in wanting more features, and most importantly, for the ability to add additional domains and monitors to your account.

Well, that's all now possible!

❤️ We're keeping the FREE plan!

We pride ourselves in offering a free service, so that's why we're keeping the free plan. You don't need a credit card to sign up and start using out platform, and we won't restrict your account just because you're not on the pro plan.

We want you to continue using the free plan if you're happy with it and hope that you'll grow into needing our PRO plan!

🚀 Introducing the Pro plan

When we was designing our platform we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. At the core we offer both domain monitoring and website uptime monitoring.

With the Pro plan you'll get access to:

  • More domains can be added to your account
  • More monitors can be added to your account
  • 3-min monitor checking intervals (the free plan only offers 5-min checks as being the quickest)
  • Additional status pages
  • Additional notification contacts
  • Historical reporting

Have a few feature suggestion? Brilliant! We'll be adding features to the Pro plan over the next few months, but we want to emphasise that we want you to be happy with our platform and that's why we want to keep things simple.

😁 Help support us - the future

Whilst there might be other platforms out there such as Uptime Robot, we strongly believe that we can remain competitive by offering a better designed and simpler yet robust platform.

We'd love for you to continue supporting our platform - if you find it useful and if it does everything you need, consider sharing it.

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