How to find your website's IP address [our IP address tool]
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📦 How to find your website's IP address [free tools]

Do you need to find your website's IP address fast but aren't sure how?

Finding your IP address of your website might seem like a challenging task if you've never done it before, so that's why, here on our Domain Monitoring platform we've put together an IP address lookup tool that'll allow you to do just that.

In this little article, I'm going to tell you more about the tool we've created and tell you a little bit about IP monitoring as well.

Let's dive straight in...

❓ What is an IP address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol) is a numerical label such as that identifies a device on a network, IP addresses are everywhere, and they're what typically links a server to the internet, that's the internet that you and I typically think of.

There's different types of IP addresses, and finding which one you have is where our IP address tool can come in handy, typically, you'll find that there are:

  • IPv4 addresses


  • IPv6 addresses

We've put together a little article explaining more about IPv6 and the differences between IPv4, so recommend checking that out as well.

❓ Why monitor your IP address?

IP addresses can change, we see this all the time here at the Domain Monitor.

People often create website monitors on our platform and then their IP address of their website might change after a few months, this is usually because they've changed their web hosting's server, or maybe their domain name has changed.

Monitoring your IP address is an important part of owning a website.


Because you want to make sure that your website domain resolves to the IP that you believe it should be resolving to, if it's not, then your customers of your website might be affected and may not be able to access your website.

🚀 Find your website's IP address with our tool

We've created a tool that will allow you to find your website's IP address, it's completely free and doesn't require you to sign up to our platform, but of course, we're going to recommend that you do create an account on our platform to make the most of it.

We really hope that you like this tool and find it useful, and we'll be improving it over time and can implement feedback from you.

If you identify any issues with the tool, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and also, check out our other tools!

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