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New Features on our FREE Domain Monitor!

For our existing (and new users) we've recently launched some brand new features to our free domain monitor that we think you'll like! Our domain monitor launched the other month and since then we've added the following features:

  • Domain expiry checker
  • SSL expiry checker
  • Email notifications
  • WHOIS registrar details

and more...

Say hello to... Domain Uptime Monitoring!

As our product is growing and gaining users, we wanted to add a feature that every website should have, that's the ability to be notified when your website goes down. Why? Because it costs you and your business money whenever your website goes down, causing frustration for both you and your customers.

That's why today, we're launching our domain uptime monitoring tool. Currently it's in beta meaning things might not be 100%.

Add a NEW domain or IP uptime monitor today

You'll be able to add uptime monitors to your account by navigating to the new "uptime" tab within the menu, from here you'll be able to view all of your uptime monitors and add a new one.

Adding a new domain uptime monitor means we'll check your domain at an interval of your choosing to see whether the website is up or down, and we'll let you know within the monitors view.

Soon, we'll be expanding this feature to add notifications and real-time uptime monitoring to this feature so that you don't have to reload the page, but for now, any feedback is appreciated.

We'll also monitor an IP

Besides the typical domain uptime montioring that we offer, you can also monitor an IP. We'll ping the IP address and let you know the response time.

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