Domain blacklist monitoring [new feature]
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🛡️ Domain blacklist monitoring [new feature]

Trying to improve your domain's reputation for email marketing? Is your domain's IP blacklisted?

Or, maybe someone's reported your domain name to a spam list and you aren't getting leads anymore.


We've got the solution

We've just launched Domain blacklist monitoring as part of our domain monitoring feature, and, you can start using it today.

❓ What is blacklist monitoring?

Put simply, blacklist monitoring, also known as spam list monitoring is when your domain (usually from email marketing) reputation drops and ends up in various databases which are then used by email inbox providers to determine whether you should be receiving the email or not.

Sender reputation is essential to any email marketing campaign, and, to ensure that your email marketing strategy is working, you'd want to be using a domain blacklist checker, one that can automate the checking of your domain on a regular basis.

🚀 How do I get started with Domain Monitor's Blacklist monitoring feature?

Blacklist monitoring is part of our Pro plan and has limits on how many of your domains can have this feature enabled, so please check the pricing page for up-to date information.

  1. Firstly, log in to your account
  2. Next, head to your Domains and click on the Add domain button and choose Add domain
  3. Type in the domain you'd like to monitor
  4. Enable Domain blacklist checks and add the domain

A note on Blacklist limits

It's worth noting that you won't be able to enable Blacklist monitoring for every domain. Right now, we're slowly rolling this feature out and as such are capping the maximum number of blacklist monitors, for example:

  • If you're on the Pro plan containing 100 domains & 100 monitors, you'll receive 10 blacklist monitors, this means that 10 of your 100 domains can have blacklist monitoring enabled, but don't worry, you can always turn blacklist monitoring off for a domain and enable it for another one. We'll increase these limits over time based on popularity.

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