Custom HTTP monitor statuses (for our Pro Plan users)
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🖥️ Custom HTTP monitor statuses (for our Pro Plan users)

Today we're announcing custom HTTP statuses for our website uptime monitoring feature. It's available for our Pro Plan users and is an extremely useful feature for setting which HTTP status codes will trigger a website down event for your monitors.

In this article I'll digest more about this feature...

🚀 How does it work?

When you set up a new website monitor and set it to the HTTP status type we'll send a request to your website based on your monitor checking frequency to make sure that your website is up.

If your website doesn't return a 200 response then we'll check again behind the scenes just to make sure it wasn't just a short glitch.

Beyond this, if this request fails and returns a different status code then we'll mark your monitor as down.

Setting custom HTTP statuses

With this feature you'll now be able to define the status codes that you'd like to trigger a down status code.

This means, for example, you might want:

  • 500, 404, and 422 status codes mark your monitor as down.

✋ I'm no longer part of the Pro Plan, what happens now?

If you no longer have an active Pro subscription with us then we'll fall back to the default status code of 500.

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